F3P World Team Donations & Raffle! 

Yes, we're asking for your help. Our trip to Greece in March 2019 will be very expensive-any help we can get will be greatly appreciated!

The USA has a strong history of indoor aerobatics dating back to the first Electric Tournament of Champions (ETOC) International Invitational in 2007. The 2019 Team is certainly capable of performing at the highest level! Selected at the Team Trials in March 2018 are:

Dave Lockhart, Captain        AC Glenn        Joseph Szczur        Greyson Pritchett, Junior

Our trip will be 10-12 days and at a cost of over $20,000. The vast majority of this cost must come from our Team efforts. 

Bill Pritchett

2019 F3P Team Manager 

Read Bill's article 2018 US FAI F3P World Championship Team Announced in the August 2018 K-Factor.


Thank you to all that participated! 


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Congratulations to all of the winners, and THANK YOU to all of our sponsors and those that donated!

Fancy Foam ModelsModels Anubis
Brian Hebert

RA Cores Extra
Mike Gilman

Castle Creations Inc. Phoenix Edge Lite 80 HV
Ken Velez

MKS Servo Pair from MKS ServosUSA.com
Bob Kane, Mike Gilman, Andy Sabol, James Lowry

Futaba 8J Transmitter
Gary Schmidt

Zap Pack” from Frank Tiano Enterprises Event Promotions
Jon Dieringer, Ken Velez, Tim Jesky

APC Propellers Pack from Landing Products
Bob Kane, Xavier Mouraux, Paul LaChance, Duane Vierling

Hacker Motor GmbH USA A10 Motors
Rich Whitlow, Tim Jesky, Mike Gilman, Evan Krause, Mark Atwood

Tech-Aero Ultra IBEC HV
Joyce Hager, Xavier Mouraux

Castle Creations Inc. Talon 15
Stuart Chale

Castle Creations Inc.s Talon 90
Jim Quinn

AJ Aircraftraft Proteus Biplane
Pete Foss

West Michigan Park Flyers LLC ParkFlyers Gift Certificate
Tom Messer

Hitec RCD USA Fun Glider RR
Xavier Mouraux